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More Than Just a Pretty Picture...

The Hawaii Group logos

Authenticity courses through the veins of our organization; from our people to our pricing to the logos you see above, The Hawaii Group lives and breathes an uncommon pairing of forthright communication and aloha. Agile, adaptable and dynamic, like the islands we call home, our companies and our logos embody the flexibility and elegance with which we strive to serve every Hawaii business.


When forming the first Hawaii Group company, Hawaii Human Resources (HiHR) in 2009, founders Matt Delaney and Scott Meichtry knew they needed an extensible and impactful identity — an aesthetic steeped in Hawaiian heritage but at the same time respectful and devoid of common cliches.

The Original

Looking for visual cues beyond the passe rainbow or wave, this identity needed to convey an authenticity that leveraged Hawaii’s heritage with reverence. Bringing elements of Polynesian heritage to the American quilt, 19th-century Hawaiian women created a distinctive and beautiful art form that is still actively practiced.

The First Step

Decidedly Hawaiian, this fusion of style and construction is unique the world over. Speaking to themes of communication, family, commerce and spirituality, these quilts endure as vital and accurate depictions of Hawaiian culture and modern society. In the same way, the original HiHR identity celebrates the vitality and community-driven principles of The Hawaii Group companies.


As The Hawaii Group has grown with the formation of Hawaii Accounting and Hawaii Marketing in 2009 and Hawaii Employment in 2010, so too has the identity. Taking the original HiHR logo and interweaving it, the HiGroup mark speaks to the highly integrated, consistent and cohesive personality of the organization as a whole.

The Hawaii Group

An obvious floral form, the Hawaii Group logo is a homage to the Hawaii state flower, the Hibiscus. Additionally, the mark has eight abstracted flower petals, eight human forms — one for each of the eight primary Hawaiian islands. Through and through, The Hawaii Group is Hawaii!

Our Family

Hawaii Human Resources (HiHR), Hawaii Accounting (HiAccounting), Hawaii Employment (HiEmployment) and Hawaii Marketing (HiMRK), each company, decidedly unique, but with a consistency and reliability that our clients, current and future, have come to know and trust.

Our Home

In addition to our logos, we’ve used only Hawaii-specific imagery in all of our company collateral. From ads to websites to office artwork, we celebrate the lifestyles and personalities of our clients, friends and families. Many of our images are taken by local artists and in many cases actually feature clients or HiGroup team members enjoying the islands we call home.